Question you may have…

How do I schedule a photo shoot session?

Call 514-795-4366 or email us at [email protected]. We will then book an initial meeting to discuss all the details and time frame. We will work with you to come up with a solid strategy to launch your product photos.

Are you a studio photographer and do you travel to desired locations?

AngleVU is located in Montreal, Quebec. We serve the greater Montreal and surrounding areas. We have a small studio but we mostly work on location for corporations and businesses. Our studio equipment can be transported to the client’s workplace or preferred location. Yes we do travel! Another city, another country or on the beach, we build a team that travels to the location needed for your shoot. We can also scout areas that can also give a similar look depending on your budget. Location can also be a customer’s site. In some cases, you have too many products to move around so it becomes easier for us to set up a studio on your premises. We also shoot in a studio setting, depending on the project and your needs. This is the perfect space when the client’s workplace is not suitable. Please contact us at 514-795-4366 or email us at [email protected] for a travel quote.

What is a booking form?

A booking form acts as a contract between parties involved and is an estimated quote with a reserved date(s). This form explains the number of items that will be shot. The number of days needed for the shoot and all post-production details. Also it will have an explanation of payments and a required deposit to book the date(s). This booking form will have all other booking details such as usage, cancelation, copyrights and other details pertaining to the shoot.This is not a final invoice but can be attached to the invoice as a reference. AngleVU will send an invoice to the client within a reasonable time.

How much time should we allow for planning a shoot?

At AngleVU, we are not big fans of rushing through a job: not on shoot day and especially not on the post-production side. We are talented artists that take pride in the quality of our work. We take pride that you chose us to represent your brand. We understand that time is of essence and sometimes we need things “now”. We can work together to get the job done in the timeframe you need.  It is extremely important that you, as the client, prepare the day of the shoot so there are no surprises for anyone.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss availabilities, how to proceed and time needed to build any custom set.

How do you charge? How do you price a job?

Every project is custom to your product and your needs. Factors such as time, travel, staff needed and usage of the images come into play. Please call 514-795-4366 or email us [email protected] for a proper quote. We will then book an initial meeting to discuss all the details.

Do you have a retainer/deposit fee?

Yes we do. The booking form that contains the initial quote will have all booking details such as payments and a required deposit to book the date(s). Usage, cancellation, copyrights and other details pertaining to the shoot will also be on the booking form. AngleVU will send the final invoice to the client within a reasonable time.

When and how are payments due?

The booking form acts as a contract between parties involved. All booking details such as payments and a required deposit to book the date(s) will be specified on this form. AngleVU will then send an invoice immediately following the session.

Will you hold a shoot date while we decided?

Yes we can but there are terms. There will be a booking form that will be completed with all the estimated details and the date that the shoot should take place on. This form will be signed as an agreement between the parties involved. Also, a deposit payment is needed to book a date.

This deposit fee is non-reimbursable. However, staff is booked in advance of their scheduled work day and cancelling last minute can result to lose of work that could have been booked with another client. AngleVU takes cancellations very serious and it is important to understand the terms:

* A cancellation two weeks prior of any confirmed date, we will not charge the client.

* 3-9 business days in advance of the shoot, 50% of the fee for each day canceled.

* Less than 3 business days, 100% of the fee for each day canceled.

What does a “team” consist of?

One typical day would be the photographer, an assistant and a digital assistant. The team consists of 2 parts; first an assistant who understands how/what the photographer thinks so he can foresee any obstacles that the photographer and client overlooked. Equipment, lighting, and set will be planned out with this assistant. A second assistant will help with the digital viewing and minor retouching at the shoot. These assistants contribute significantly to the organization and quality of the shoot.Part #2 of the team consists of the stylists, makeup and hair artists and any other interns that will be hired to work around the shoot. If a client does not have their own contacts, AngleVU is glad to recommend a few members of our team.

Do you supply videography services?

AngleVU is specialized in photography but we have a team of talented people we recommend for the job. Please let us know if this is a service you need at the shoot.

What happens if a photographer gets sick or we need to reschedule?

AngleVU will provide the client with a minimum of 72 hours notice of any changes. However, we cannot provide such notice in the event of Acts of God. In the unfortunate event that the photographer is sick, we will call you immediately and find a time to reschedule or advise that another photographer will shoot on that day. If you need to reschedule, please call us as soon as possible. If you do not notify us of your need to cancel and we show up at your chosen location to set up studio, we will charge the mentioned fee agreed on the booking form.

Who decides the “look and feel” of the product?

We will sit together and discuss what you want to achieve with the campaign.”]What type of background, props, lighting, shadows. Do we want one, two or more models? Male or female? Happy, serious, sexy? Thin and tall or curvy and natural? What is best to represent the company’s image?

We are always open to incorporate special items in a shoot. We can custom build sets and special backgrounds to create the mood needed. We can supply the props for a fee but you are more then welcome to suggest what you would like to see in your image.

Next we decide the location, studio set, outdoor, luxurious house or grungy loft…the possibilities are endless.

Always keep in mind the initial budget.

When a photographer is assigned to a session, what should I do next?

The most important step is to PREPARE the shoot. Every shot and every detail of that shot should be set. A short list or plan of action should help everyone involved know exactly what direction to take and what purpose each image has.

In most cases creativity can make you stray from the original plan but that’s OK as long as the change is better and does not hurt the timing planned for the session. We can offer a stylist to help organize/coordinate a mood if you cannot provide the plan needed. Also, any extra care to the product (steaming, ironing, fluffing, setting, and/or staging) can help capture the best images possible. Be noted that starting a photo shoot with no direction can be time consuming and costly.

Is casting involved?

Yes, this is the most important element in the preparation of a photo shoot. After the “look and feel” is decided on, a casting is held for models. Agencies will be contacted for availabilities and cards. You can also look through their portfolio. Remember, you are not hiring just a “pretty face”, they must have a personality, they need to move and evoke some kind of emotion to the set we created around her/him. Once selected, we can discuss budget, date and time for the casting. It is important to include any details that you wish the model to come in with. (ex: manicure)

An art director or stylist may be a great help in putting together poses and accessories.

A makeup & hair artist should be hired to achieve that flawless look your product needs when using a model.

Can we attend and personally direct the photo shoot?

Client participation is welcome. Some companies have an internal Art Director or Marketing that will manage the shoot. Anyone that wants to attend the photo shoot needs to have an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the look. Too many people at the shoot can be extremely distracting and can become overwhelming for the staff and model.

What happens during a shoot?

The camera is usually tethered to a computer meaning the images shot are downloaded immediately. At this point, adjustments can be made to the set, lighting or model position to achieve the best visual for the product. Then the assistant and client can review the preselected photos with the photographer. A first selection of the images captured helps choose the right shot. Then we move on the next pose. If the client cannot attend the shoot, we prefer to have at least one day to prepare a Preview presentation.

Should we provide you with a meal during a shoot?

It would be appreciated. If AngleVU will provide the meal for everyone involved on the shoot day, this will be charged to the client. These are long days, this helps keep the energy levels up throughout the day.

How long after the shoot date should we expect to wait to get our photos?

Once the client makes the final selection, a regular delay is 1 to 2 weeks. A faster service can be provided if necessary, with additional fees.

After a shoot there are several post-production processes. Optimizing files, balancing color and contrast, perspectives, and skin/teeth/eye corrections. Typically within a week the images will be ready, bigger projects can leak into the next week, also if necessary. This is an important stage, which should not be rushed.

What happens if I want a re-shoot?

While we want the best experience for everyone involved, sometimes misunderstands happen. If we’ve made a mistake we will gladly re-shoot or edit the photos to make them right, no charge. This is why it is important to communicate while the shoot is in progress, so we can redirect on the spot.

Re-shoots for artistic and editorial reasons not mentioned prior/on shoot day, or client error or omission will be quoted at a rate. A discounted rate may only be subject depending on what was not done right.

Can you work with OUR team?

Yes, as long as we know all the final end use of the image and all web requirements prior to the shoot. Image mode ( CMYK, RGB, # of bit), resolution (dpi, open file size) and format (jpg, pdf, tiff or psd). We are glad to work with your web developers, graphic artists and printers.