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360 photography or spin photography is rapidly becoming a trend with industry suppliers, manufacturers and e-commerce business brands. High quality photos make it possible for customers to see your product like an interactive tour. This rich media technique is the next best thing to an in-store experience, reaching new customers in an appealing way, promoting sales and increasing brand awareness. The objects are placed on a turntable and photographed in sequence, usually 36 images at 10 degree intervals to ensure a smooth and fluid playback. You can spin & zoom your item in every angle possible making it visually exciting for advertising on your online business.

What is a 360 spin?

While a product is placed on a turntable and photographed in sequence this becomes a combination of images, which will later be seamed together into a smooth animation. The number of images in 1 spin can vary. We recommend a rotation of 36 images for a standard spin but we can easily adjust the number of spins based on your needs.

How many products can we shoot in one hour?

The time it will take to spin a product will be determined on how complex the setup of the item is. Some items are highly reflective and outside elements need to be controlled.
Garments may need to be styled prior to the spin. Other, we have to find a way to mount and rig your item. Shooting similar products can generate a higher output of products.
The best way to guestimate time is to spin a few products first. For a free spin to better get a quote, please Call 514-795-4366 or email us at [email protected]

Why not just get a video?

As videography has advanced enormously with digital cameras, the still video frame is still no equal to a traditional photograph. Properly crafted, a video will be engaging and memorable, but people will remember the video and forget the product or service it promoted. Also there is no control over product views and quality of views. Its can become costly and time consuming to extract an image from a video frame. With photography, you have complete control over the product and quality of the views. Zoom in features are a great feature for the product when the image can show clear detail and texture.

What is the file format for the 360 spins?

Typically, spins are exported as JPG files as they offer a smaller file size for faster loading online while keeping the image quality. If the images will be used for print as well, we recommend TIFF files for maximum quality.

Can my 360 spins work on my website?

Spins are published on a website through a suitable 360 viewer. There are many options for viewers. You can insert them directly to your website platform such as Magento, WordPress or Shopify or you can use an external viewer like Imajize, Sirv, or LiquidPixels.

Does my spin work on a mobile device?

Yes, spins are presented through HTML5 therefore, our 360 production photos are easily viewed on all computer, tablets and mobile devices, no plug-in required.