Who we are…

Welcome to AngleVU – We consider ourselves as part of this huge digital world, where our role is to keep your customers engaged with your product through amazing imagery.

Photographers, graphic artists, and creative leaders – our custom team of talented people come together to bring the best ideas to your table.

What we do…

We specialize in high quality photography and visual graphic production.

We believe in commitment and execution. We strive not to be successful but to be of value, while humbly aiming to bring the best to the consumer industry and to the retailers product.

How we do it…

Photography is our soul; we work to produce the most effective and efficient images to leverage brands.

The team energy is idea-driven – we love to build, create, draw out and discuss new projects. We also work in partnership with your team to make sure our services meet your needs.

Our philosophy…

We are fun, easy to work with, fast and efficient, and we make our clients happy! The quality of our work will always reflect these core values.

Quality: We do not release subpar work or present ourselves poorly.

Integrity: We never miss a commitment.

Transparency: Our work is honest and clear from the get go.

Improvement: Even a professional can learn new tricks. We challenge each other everyday.

Responsiveness: Happiness to our customers, partners and employees are a priority.

Geno Proteau

Founder / Photographer

Susanna Innamorato

Creative Director

Geno launched his photography career after he joined a summer class in St-Catharines, ON for the extra credits. He walked in with his grandma’s old screw mount Zenit camera and quickly discovered a passion for what would become his 15+ years of experience in the field of photo.

Throughout the years, he’s been suited to shoot different people, products and events. He brings a contagious enthusiasm to all his shoots and is driven to find new solutions to better his client’s imagery.

While establishing partnerships for over 10 years, this experience gave him a keen understanding of the challenges retailers face in displaying their product in a short time. The online product landscape is evolving fast and Geno wanted to be ahead of the big-picture.

In 2012 he launched AngleVU with Susi to offer businesses 360 product photography views that enhance product for the e-commerce market. Geno pays great attention to detail when he shoots his subjects – you can see it in his work.


At the age of 6, you would find Susi sitting in her front yard drawing away. It was astonishing what she could do with paper and some HB pencils. She later graduated in fashion design at LaSalle College and studied in business management to better understand the not-so-artistic side of things, which gave her a quality to balance creativity and budget on every project.

She has 15+ years of experience in the field of fashion. Her passion for design leaped into the marketing world as she began to freelance for agencies. Curious and ambitious, she sets herself outside the box and loves to be challenges by new projects. She literally eats, sleeps and breaths the brands she gets associated with.

In 2012, she helped Geno build AngleVU, a chance to merge his photography experience with her branding experience.

She now oversees the shoot team and ensures that everyone remains focused on achieving the required results for the client. When she sits-in on your campaign – it’s not about photo, it’s about product.