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So I need your help!!!
I’m working on a project for pets and I’m casting dogs of every size from teacup XXXS to great danes 4XL… shoot based in Montreal.
dog_measuringI first need to compile a list of different dogs in each size in different breeds,
If you want to work on this project with me, please msg me with your contact info and availability, dog name/breed and most importantly 3 sizes as picture: Neck, Chest Girth and length, sex is important also as size is different from Female to Male…Pictures please of your furry-ones for dossier.

THEN, the fun part, some of these dogs will be part of a photo shoot promoting product for one of our clients, so I need dogs that obey, SIT, STAND, LOOK HERE…. if your dog already loves to pose, it helps, an overexcited dog may get distracted by the photo flashes. Also, they need to be pet friendly as I may have a few dogs in the same room.

Cats are welcome, a few friends already offered, but if you think your cat is the perfect candidate to sit there and smile for the camera, send your info. But this is mostly for dogs.

This is not a paid gig for the dogs, Its voluntary as I need many dogs.

Let us know.

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