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AngleVU 360 spin photography will help online retailers enhance their product visibility by turning visiting customers into valuable consumers. Here are 3 reasons to switch your visual media.

ENGAGE: The Pow Factor

360 spins are no doubt, the most engaging way to get someone’s attention while providing more detail than alternative views or even the best copy ever. Seeing a product in every angle upright compels you to look further.

Maybe… conclusively… also push you to that “buy it now” button just because it’s so clear and detailed there’s no real need to step out on a cold winter day, drive to a store, just to make sure it’s really what you need.

For a goal to be effective, it must effect change. When a visitor acts on a product rotation it is also a conversion, which is critical if you want to achieve your business goals.

INFORM: The Race is On

The competition is right behind you, think fast. Break the conventional website landscape that puts you in direct competition with every other company that has a similar approach. The change is NOT the addition of a 360 spin to your product but the participative experience your customer will appreciate while engaging with a spin. These spins have zoom features and hotspots that show detail as if you are holding the product in your hands allowing true interactivity, although virtual.

360 avoid a lot of questions and concerns before the purchase takes place. It offers a transparency to your product that signifies quality, conveys comfort and communicates credibility to the online consumer.

SATISFY: The Finish Line

Improve the shopper’s experience toward a confident purchase. Digital media is no longer an “extra option” for retailers, however it becomes the foundation of a more shareable and social shopping experience.

In one word: TRUST. A keyword driving every relationship and has become the core of our personal social branding as well.

After all, isn’t the bottom line to all websites to gain a “captive” audience? Build and nurture interactions and turn them into strong relationships? A spin of your product will give you in return higher conversion rates, lower return rates and more customer satisfaction.

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