How do you know when an idea is innovative?
When it scares the hell out of everyone.

 The initial reaction when viewing our 360-degree service:

  • OMG, it’s so cool!
  • C’est sharp! On voit tous les détails!

Instantly that glimmer goes dim with concern. How does this work? Can I implement it to my website? Do we talk to the web guys? Do we ask our marketing team? Who? Why? How? … You know what, let me think about it.

The problem here is keeping up with the consumer need to be stimulated. The static image isn’t enough to impress buyers in your product.
Retailers are working hard to create consumer-friendly websites but few are putting the best visual forward when it comes to product.


360-degree product spin photography to really give your product a chance to stand out.

Any product can spin. In this video, we simulate a KitchenAid mixer with minor animation of the bowl lifting. Some items may require more movement to showcase how it works.
Here is a link to extreme animations added to simple spins.

Shoes are a hard item to buy online. Not all shoes are true to fit. While 360° photography can’t let you try them on, they can show you detail of craftsmanship and quality.

On the augmented reality segment, the 360° spinsets are effective in keeping your audience engaged much longer with your brand because you give them a chance to understand the benefits of your product or the attention you put into it to better your customers needs.

Why 360 spin photography in Ecommerce?:
Most people believe “What you see is what you get

The goal is to educate and answer the client’s questions, while encouraging them towards a more confident purchase. With this technique you are giving your shopper a virtual view with full control to spin the item as they wish: see a back view on amplifier for the right connection, read ingredients on a cereal box, etc.

“ 76% who shop online more than ONCE a MONTH say advanced product viewing features are EXTREMELY or VERY important in their decision to stay and purchase from a site and return to purchase AGAIN.”
– Source: Limelight Networks

The known benefits are:

  • Conversion Rates go UP **
  • Brand Awareness goes UP
  • Customer Inquiries go DOWN
  • Product Returns do DOWN

** 360° spin have higher conversation rates than products displayed using video, alternative views, or additional product copy. This must have a huge effect on the ROI.

The greatest features of 360° product photography;

One spin gives you an archive of static images that can be used in different platforms without having to reshoot the product. Marketing, Catalog, E-commerce site and all your social medias can interchange photos to keep the product and promotions fresh within a season.